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COMPANY KILLER # 11 - Connecting With Prospects Too Late In the Buying Process

Do you know that there may be 12 company crushing killers roaming loose inside your business right now! It’s true!

We call them the Deadly Dozen and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing

business for 5, 10, 20, 30 years or more, and have been getting what most people would consider pretty good results—I’m here to tell you that these CULPRITS are costing you a lot of money in lost opportunity and lost business.

The Deadly Dozen is a 12 part business insight series.


In this “Insight Series” every day we will be sharing one of the company crushing

killers we have identified and then will provide a simple solution for ridding the

culprit from your business. If at any time you decide you don’t want to wait and

would like to access the entire series all at once you can just click this link

COMPANY KILLER # 11 - Connecting With Prospects Too Late In the Buying Process

Timing is everything. If you get it wrong, this foe wins.

The long road from prospect to buyer is traveled in stages. The finish line is crowded with competition, all waving offers, because by the end of the journey, the prospect has money in hand, ready to become a buyer. You don’t want to battle it out at the end, though. You want a relationship that lasts past this one purchase, and to do that, you need to be with your prospect from the beginning.

And it is a very long road.

The buyer’s journey, the process buyers go through to become aware of, evaluate, and purchase a new product or service, has three stages.

  • Awareness Stage: The buyer realizes they have a problem.

  • Consideration Stage: The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it.

  • Decision Stage: The buyer chooses a solution.

During the Awareness stage, buyers identify a challenge or opportunity they want to pursue and prioritize it. In order to fully understand the Awareness stage for your unique buyer, ask yourself these questions:

  • How does the buyer describe goals or challenges?

  • How are they currently educating themselves on these goals or challenges?

  • What are the consequences if they don’t take action?

  • Do they have any common misconceptions about reaching the goal or solving the challenge?

  • What criteria will the buyer use to determine whether making this purchase is a high priority?

During the Consideration stage, buyers have clearly defined the goal or challenge and have committed to addressing it. They evaluate different approaches or methods to pursue the goal or solve their challenge. Ask yourself:

  • What solutions do buyers investigate?

  • How do buyers educate themselves?

  • How do buyers perceive the pros and cons?

  • How do buyers decide which solution is right for them?


You probably don’t have the manpower to battle this one out personally, but you can offer a guide. Think of it as a business GPS, making sure your prospect doesn’t get lost along the way.

An automated sales funnel helps you discover and engage with each lead at each stage. You’re building a relationship with your prospects throughout the length of the sales cycle, not just at the very end — and by automating this process you can do this without all of the manual work that relationship-building normally requires.

With the ability to automate one-on-one communications and tedious follow-ups, your sales reps can move prospects through their journey with minimal time and effort.

When buyers have completed their research and start reaching out to sales reps, they’ll already be educated, and sales reps won’t have to guess their pain points and needs.

Automation makes lead nurturing easier and eliminates the need to connect with each lead in a manual, time-consuming manner. An automated marketing solution can help you reach out to a potential lead right from the beginning, keeping them engaged and interested throughout the process.

Road cleared.

So if you thought this insight was helpful and would like to learn more and see how it is actually part of an overall Done-For-You marketing system called a CyberFunnel . . . just CLICK BELOW to watch a short 5 minute video to learn more. Otherwise be on the lookout for the next company crushing killer tomorrow.

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