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Meet The Team

Todd Gregorcic

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Todd is an experienced president and co-founder of multiple companies with a demonstrated twenty-year history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. He is skilled in business start-ups, customer acquisition strategies, automated sales and marketing systems, and automating work flows.

Additionally, Todd brings his extensive background in video technology and production, process-driven strategy, lead generation, digital strategy, and capital consulting experience to the CyberFunnels team…along with his ability to find great talent and build dynamic teams. Todd partnered with Barron Marketing as a co-founder of CyberFunnels™ in 2016.

When Todd isn’t working, he enjoys the Florida lifestyle with his wife of 20 years and two children.

Dr. Frank Swiger

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Dr. Swiger is a senior executive professional with extensive leadership, planning, problem solving and communication skills combined with hands-on generalist experience utilized to reduce cost, increase productivity, drive new business development and meet corporate financial objectives. He has had success in turnaround, re-engineering and high growth environments. Innovative and strategic leader who drives change with an effective hands-on operating style.

Dr. Swiger has diversified experience in the field of executive management with emphasis in:
Intellectual Property, Professional Consulting, Strategic Planning Operations Management, Fund Raising, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Merger/Acquisition, Software as a Service, Corporate Relations, Research and Development

Cheryl Hunt

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Teaching in Europe for two years led to educating high school students for over twenty years. It’s been said that the best teachers are the best students – and Cheryl is passionate about learning new ways to help business owners use marketing automation strategically to dramatically increase their revenue and save time.

Drawing from her extensive background in education and developing curriculum, Cheryl now focuses on developing creative and strategic sales and marketing funnels for businesses who use Infusionosft as their CRM. She has been an Infusionosft Certified Partner since 2010 and served in the first Infusionsoft Partner Advisory Group (PAG).

When Cheryl isn’t working, she’s playing the keyboard, drinking Art’s wine, and cooking.

Rick Gapinski

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Rick is the founder of Sales & Management Partners LLC and has built and mentored many sales teams over the years. He received his BA in Business, Accounting and Economics from Lakeland College (WI) and an MBA from Marquette University (WI.)

With years of experience dealing with all types of customers including the Green Bay Packers (yes, during football season Rick is a native cheesehead.

Rick’s extensive creative writing background brings a unique perspective to each CyberFunnels™ project as he expertly manages the entire project from start to finish.

When Rick isn’t working, he and his wife enjoy long hikes in the Colorado Rockies with camera in hand.

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Eric Scannell

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Eric is a 2010 graduate of Penn State University where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree. He is an expert in automated sales funnels and digital marketing, having developed a broad array of projects for companies of all sizes.


With CyberFunnels, he focuses on lead generation, business coaching, and digital strategy. Helping business owners overcome their challenges and reaching the next level is a great passion of his.

After working in Asia for 6+ years, Eric began tackling marketing projects encompassing email and social media marketing, sales funnels and other development projects. Through these experiences, he has gained a broad understanding of digital marketing as well as a passion and talent for learning new skills. 

When Eric isn’t working, he’s traveling, listening to long, boring podcasts, or hiking trails with his bull terrier.

Tim Piccirillo

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Tim realized long ago that becoming a stellar marketer was the key to success in any business. He’s built businesses as diverse as an entertainment talent agency, a touring comedy magician, and an education motivational speaker. He’s also been a marketing consultant and copywriter for chiropractors, acupuncturists, IT firms, beauty salons, digital marketing agencies, business consultants, speakers and entertainers. Tim has also been a partner in a training company whose entire focus was “the customer experience.”

With Tim’s diversified background, his role as business coach fits him perfectly. Our CyberFunnels™ clients love him!

When Tim isn’t working, he’s does the occasional magic and comedy show and serious karaoke.

Brent Beaucamp

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Brent has been in the television industry for over fifteen years. From the early 2000’s until 2008 he worked for a Tampa Bay television station producing the television shows “Hooked On Fishing”, “FishFinder”, & “Average Angler Adventures”.


He has had one Florida Emmy nomination for best long-form show while producing “Average Angler Adventures” and other commendations for quality programming and viewership.


Brent has also worked with producers from major networks which have shows such as “Top Gear USA”, “America’s Biggest Loser”, & “Monster Garage”.

Mike Brown

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Michael Brown is a Cleveland, Ohio native who greatly enjoys the specificity and attention to detail necessary for Motion Graphics and Editing.

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio University in 2005 and is the loving uncle of 7 nieces and nephews. 


Michael is responsible for the finishing touches which will make your videos engaging, informative and polished. 

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Danielle West

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Danielle brings over 10 years of marketing, branding and graphic design experience.
Prior to coming on board the Diacom Team she has worked as a Marketing Design
Executive helping businesses to manage and direct their online presence. As a designer, she specializes in digital media, web design and strategic branding of all marketing collateral. She is passionate, innovative and brings a high-level of experience and perspective to her work.

She has obtained her Master’s in Business Administration MBA with a concentration in
Marketing from Liberty University. In addition, she is a graduate of the Journalism
School at The University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication.
When Danielle isn’t working, she is watching football or teaching the ABC’s to her

Alea Gregorcic

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Alea is part of the CyberFunnels post-production video and social media team. 

She is also a full-time student working towards her bachelor’s degree at Florida State University. During her senior year of high school, Alea participated in the early college program at St. Petersburg College which enabled her to begin her junior year at FSU at only 18 years old. 

She is very passionate about helping save the planet and animals. Her favorite saying is "Be the voice, not the echo.”

Cynthia Newman

It was as if lightning struck!  One day I woke up a writer, and suddenly found myself in a whirlwind of minor success.  Pursuing screenwriting,


I achieved a BA in Film Production and I write & edit everything from feature length screenplays and novels, to ad copy and even executives' emails.  I've held a variety of media jobs including videographer/editor in the legal field, project manager at a production company and creative strategist at a web development company. 


Never in my wide-eyed, wonder struck childhood imagination did I think I’d become a writer, but it is a passion that cannot be ignored.  Writing pours from my soul.

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