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Best Selection! Highest Quality! Best Service! Proudly Serving the Community since 1692!

Did your eyes just glaze over? Yeah. So did your customers’. Platitudes like these are so ubiquitous no one even sees them anymore. Every marketing campaign seems to use them, but they’re like the chips that come with your sandwich – empty calories to fill up the plate, but not a reason to order the meal.

Like chips, the empty calories of platitudes are actually bad for you. Your customer, bombarded with similar claims from every source, begins to believe that the companies making those claims are similar, as well. Lacking any solid distinguishing information, they begin to base their decisions on price alone, disregarding the value your company has to offer. And today’s market is merciless.

Worse is the fact that you’re paying for those empty calories. Advertising and marketing consultants are filling space without quantifying the very qualities that make your company unique. They may not even know what those unique qualities are, so they’re depriving your customer base of necessary information while leaving you at the mercy of shifting market conditions.

All of your scripts and videos should be free of platitudes, which are words or phrases that don't distinguish or separate companies in the marketplace. Platitudes are dull, obvious and uninteresting words or phrases that lack power to create any interest because they are overused and tiresome, yet, they are nevertheless still commonly-used as though they are unique or distinctive. They are considered the “Kiss of Death” in marketing.

It’s such an attractive concept to make yourself sound like the “best” in your field, but really think about it. Is touting how long you’ve been in business or how many customers you’ve serviced really helping the client that is right in front of you? How does that get them to a suitable resolution? Not to mention, are they even going to believe you?

Platitudes don't quantify anything! They're not provable and cause prospects to minimize, discount, disbelieve, or worst of all, ignore a company altogether. Phrases like “Highest Quality,” “ Best Service,” “Best Selection,” “Combined 30 Years Experience,” “Honest,” “Hardworking,” “Been In Business Since 1776,” “Your Dealer Of Choice,” “State-Of-The Art,” . . . blah, blah, blah.

Drop the platitudes. Stop putting yourself in the spotlight. If you want to showcase how well liked you are in the community or how many customers you’ve assisted, consider adding testimonials to your website. Let other clients you’ve helped tell your story while you deliver “platitude-free pitches.” Your products and services are sure to speak for themselves and avoiding platitudes will help you come across as far more confident in what you’re offering.

What can you quantify about your business that separates you from everyone else?

Tell your prospects why they should go with your company and highlight what makes you stand out above the competition. Are you the leading authority in your field? Your on-time delivery, your project completion percentage, your customer service rating, your record of on-budget completion, or how much longer your product lasts - these are sound, fact-based reasons a prospect should choose your company.

Unfortunately, marketing and advertising campaigns are all too often left up to teams whose knowledge is all about marketing and advertising, not about what makes your company unique in the marketplace. No one knows your business better than you do. You understand your market, your history and your competition. But are you effectively communicating to your customers exactly why you are superior? Sit down with your team and get down on paper the quantifiable, measurable reasons you stand out in a crowded market. This is the bedrock of many aspects of the sales cycle, and one of your main weapons in this fight.


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