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PERFECT PITCH SALES VIDEO #10 - How Do Your Prospects Learn About Your Products?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Can Customized Sales Videos Transform Your Business Into An Industry Powerhouse?

What if you had a trusted resource to not only produce customized sales videos for your business, but also showed you how to use them in your sales process to drive massive sales growth!

Would this be of interest?

PERFECT PITCH SALES VIDEO #10 - How Do Your Prospects Learn About Your Products?

If at some point before purchasing your prospect needs to gain a deeper understanding about your products or services you have 2 basic options;

1. Salespeople?

Your first option is to rely solely on your salespeople to deliver all the information at exactly the right time at exactly the right proportion.

Unfortunately, this is not the ideal method because most salespeople love to “wing it” and do it their way.

Do you think that a fragmented presentation could inhibit complete understanding of the benefits of your product? Could it impede trust in your company or prevent a prospect from ever becoming a customer?

Sales reps are human, so their presentations can vary. And so can your critical message. And since each presentation is different, could this create difficulty determining exactly what is working and what isn’t and make tweaking presentations risky?

What about Inconsistent or improperly delivered messages? Wouldn't that lead to missed opportunities or misunderstandings, and ultimately to missed sales? And without some degree of standardization, you have no way to measure the effectiveness of individual components of a presentation – and no way to improve it.

2. Sales Video?

What if you could deliver a carefully crafted presentation to each prospect? 

What if the presentation contained all the information your prospects needed to make faster, more confident purchase decisions? Would this boost sales? 

Can you see the advantage of ensuring that your message is delivered properly every time and nothing has been left out or gets overlooked? When you incorporate video into your sales process each prospect gets the perfect sales pitch every time, even an insomniac prospect at 3 in the morning. How would you like to convert your prospects' PC, tablet or mobile-device into your best salesperson? Incredible, right?

When you add video to your arsenal, you get the equivalent of hiring an invisible sales force to work full-time around the clock and you have better control over how your product is presented.  Level up. Advantage Video!


So if you thought this insight was helpful and would like to learn more about PerfectPitch Videos and see how they work as part of an overall Done-For-You marketing system called a

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