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In this “Insight Series” every day we will be sharing one of these 19 different techniques. If at any time you decide you don’t want to wait and would like to access the entire series all at once you can just click this link



Every video, email reminder and even the final proposal we build for you will have a clear “Call-to-Action.” Customers may know that they can call the phone number on your website, but it doesn’t hurt to give them that little push to remind them they can do so.

When you provide your prospects with a Call-to-Action, it’s almost like you’re challenging them. Not in an antagonistic way, but instead as if to say,“That’s right. We provided you with all this information and now we want to show that we stand behind everything we said and claimed.”A Call-to-Action can be an intrigue for the prospective client because you clearly want to hear from them.

Leaving an email address or phone number embedded on a sub-page on your company website forces them to seek out how to contact you. Believe it or not, but the extra steps could very-well drive customers away because you’re not actively trying to speak with them. Having that Call-to-Action in front of them shows your commitment to helping - and it makes their life a little easier.

Tell them what to do next.

Everything you write or publish should have a desired end result that benefits you and the reader. It could be to make a sale. It could be to get an opt-in. Or maybe you just want them to leave a comment, "like" something on social media, or refer a friend.

Whatever it is, you need to explicitly tell them to do it, and why.


The purpose of this content is to provide businesses various tools and resources that can help them address challenges that their company may currently be facing. These tools and resources cover many topics related to driving new growth and getting a company to the next level. So if you thought this insight was helpful and would like to learn more about how it can be incorporated and used as part of an overall Done-For-You marketing system called a

CyberFunnel. . . just click here below.

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