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Updated: May 16, 2019

Do you know that there may be 12 company crushing killers roaming loose inside

your business right now!

It’s true! We call them the Deadly Dozen and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing business for 5, 10, 20, 30 years or more, and have been getting what most people would consider pretty good results—I’m here to tell you that these CULPRITS are costing you a lot of money in lost opportunity and lost business.

Right now, the Deadly Dozen PROFIT AND PROGRESS DESTROYERS could be lying

dormant within your company and getting ready to strike at any time or if your

business is stuck, stagnant or not getting to the next-level fast enough your

company may be at their mercy.

The bad news is if they remain at large, they will not stop until your business is both

left behind or dead and gone! That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we have positively identified each one of them and outlined

real-world solutions that will eliminate them from your business forever. In fact, the

immediate results generated from removing these RAVAGERS will be so great that

once you experience it, you’ll think it’s unbelievable. Eventually, you will be in a

situation where your business will be so different from your competitors that your

sales team won’t even have to actively sell and you’ll be the go-to authority for your


I’m not just saying this to catch your attention. In fact, I’m going to share some

insight to help you objectively judge your own business and make a determination

for yourself whether or not what I’m saying has value and is accurate.


In this “Insight Series” every day we will be sharing one of the company crushing

killers we have identified and then will provide a simple solution for ridding the

culprit from your business. If at any time you decide you don’t want to wait and

would like to access the entire series all at once you can just click this link


So here we go . . . let’s dive in and start with some symptoms that are good

indicators whether these invaders are active inside your business.

Tired of struggling to hit sales targets each month? Worrying about making payroll

or just want to consistently build revenue month after month?

If your business is stuck, stagnant or simply not hitting that next level fast enough,

you may be the target of revenue assassins. Fortunately, we can give you the

weapons to root out and destroy these enemies of profit and progress – before they

destroy your company.

You have a good product. You have a solid team. You have a good customer pool out there, but you don’t seem to be reaching them – and you’re not sure why. It

shouldn’t be this hard!

You’re right. It shouldn’t. And the fault lies with traditional marketing methods.

Traditional marketing is based on a traditional model, but technology is altering that

model on an almost daily basis, and traditional methods simply can’t keep up.

Think about it. A scant dozen years ago, there were no iPhones, no Twitter, no

Instagram, no Tumblr. Half of America was still using dial-up, YouTube had just

launched (and no one was watching it) and Facebook was something only college

kids did.

Today, business competition has reached cutthroat levels. Prospective, past and

present customers are bombarded on a daily basis and have gotten adept at 

filtering out information they consider irrelevant. Your challenge is to get their

attention and keep it long enough to build a loyal and continuing relationship.

In this battle, simply having a great product is not enough. Even a good website and

expensive advertising is not enough. In modern warfare, you need modern

weapons, which means an integrated approach that combines strategy, marketing

and technology. Marketing the right way generates revenue and cultivates a bond

with your customers that keeps them coming back. It does your selling for you.

Before you can arm yourself properly, though, you have to first address and

eliminate the silent enemies standing between you and success. Using our

strategies for attracting, engaging and converting prospects into buyers, you will no

longer be a victim of advancing technology, but its master.

It’s important to know your enemy, so let’s begin by identifying and defeating the Deadly Dozen.


Best Selection! Highest Quality! Best Service! Proudly Serving the Community since


Did your eyes just glaze over? Yeah. So did your customers’. Platitudes like these

are so ubiquitous no one even sees them anymore. Every marketing campaign

seems to use them, but they’re like the chips that come with your sandwich – empty

calories to fill up the plate, but not a reason to order the meal.

Like chips, the empty calories of platitudes are actually bad for you. Your customer,

bombarded with similar claims from every source, begins to believe that the

companies making those claims are similar, as well. Lacking any solid distinguishing

information, they begin to base their decisions on price alone, disregarding the

value your company has to offer. And today’s market is merciless.

Worse is the fact that you’re paying for those empty calories. Advertising and

marketing consultants are filling space without quantifying the very qualities that 

make your company unique. They may not even know what those unique qualities

are, so they’re depriving your customer base of necessary information while leaving

you at the mercy of shifting market conditions.


To defeat this enemy you need to replace empty platitudes with information. “100

Years combined experience” isn’t telling your customer anything. (Combined

experience of what? 50 people with 2 years’ experience each?) What can you

quantify about your business that separates you from everyone else?

Tell your prospects why they should go with your company and highlight what

makes you stand out above the competition. Are you the leading authority in your

field? Your on-time delivery, your project completion percentage, your customer

service rating, your record of on-budget completion, or how much longer your

product lasts - these are sound, fact-based reasons a prospect should choose your


Unfortunately, marketing and advertising campaigns are all too often left up to

teams whose knowledge is all about marketing and advertising, not about what

makes your company unique in the marketplace. No one knows your business better

than you do. You understand your market, your history and your competition. But

are you effectively communicating to your customers exactly why you are superior?

Sit down with your team and get down on paper the quantifiable, measurable

reasons you stand out in a crowded market. This is the bedrock of many aspects of

the sales cycle, and one of your main weapons in this fight.

So if you thought this insight was helpful and would like to learn more and see how

it is actually part of an overall Done-For-You marketing system called

a CyberFunnel . . . just CLICK BELOW to watch a short 5 minute video to learn more.

Otherwise be on the lookout for the next company crushing killer tomorrow

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